Our Spokespeople

Nicole Maria Hoffschneider:

Nicole Maria is an award-winning belly dancer based out of Oakland, California. She has been studying, teaching, and performing since 2009, both as a solo dancer and with various performance companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As an aficionado, has always been interested in the intersection of culture and study of dance in its sociocultural context. As a performer, she is interested in portraying not only contemporary and traditional forms of Middle Eastern dance, but styles from Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans as well. She is also a West Coast spokesperson for Eviver.

Check out Nicole Maria’s website, follow her on Instagram, or visit her Facebook page.

Daniel DiRico:

Daniel DiRico is a certified nutritionist and 2017 graduate from New York University with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. He is an avid athlete and competed in cross country and track throughout high school. As a nutrition educator, he practices what he preaches and emphasizes the importance of eating for replenishment with each of his clients. He currently resides in Queens, New York and is the manager of a health food store in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. He is also a nutritional consultant, contributing writer, and spokesperson for Eviver. Follow Danny on Instagram and/or Facebook

Danny DiRico

Natalia Francis: 

As you can tell from her picture, Natalia Francis is a lover of fitness. She works the front desk at a popular Manhattan gym which gives her great opportunities to network and interact with members. Being naturally athletic, she’s always adapted easily into any sports, but especially track and field. Later on in life, she’s discovered more passion in lifting weights and exploring the twin pathways of becoming either a certified nutritionist, an exercise coach, or both.  Natalia is also a model and spokesperson for Eviver. See Natalia’s Instagram.

Evan Dittig:

Evan Dittig has been an avid skateboarder since 2006 and currently resides in Queens, NY. After 5+ years of sponsored skateboarding experience and features in numerous magazines and blogs, Evan decided to share his passion with others and launched his own instructional skateboarding program – Shred.Co (f/k/a Skate Now). Evan is a recent graduate from St John’s University with a BA in Marketing. He is also the former social media and web content coordinator for Eviver.
Follow Evan’s personal Instagram page and Shred.Co’s Instagram.

Reina Terror:

Reina Terror is a fiery femme fatale based out of New York City who has been entertaining audiences since she was a teenager. As a child Reina was fascinated with magic and worked to develop the many dark and freakish abilities that she now uses to entertain, shock, and thrill her followers. Over the years she has performed various sideshow acts including straitjacket escape, glass walking, and human dartboard, but found her true calling when performing with fire, including fire eating, fire breathing, and other amazing fiery feats. Reina’s freakish abilities have been professionally showcased across the country in countless shows, concerts and tours. She is also a model and spokesperson for Eviver.

Contact Reina by email and/or follow her on Facebook or Instagram

Stephen Pyo: 

After almost 15 years of breakdancing, Stephen’s talents have been featured all over the world. Stephen managed and choreographed multiple team performances, teaches breakdance lessons, and continues to perform and compete today. He has made television appearances in *Americas Best Dance Crew*
 and The Discovery Channel’s *Slow Motion Tuesdays* segment. Stephen holds a BA in psychology from the University of Rutgers and resides in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the photographer/videographer for Eviver.

View more of Stephen’s work on his website and/or follow him on Instagram

Debbi Fuhrman:

Debbi Fuhrman does it all! Debbi’s passion and commitment to gymnastics has taken her to an elite level, at her peak performance she ranked 15th in the US. She was the first gymnast inducted into the Brown University Athletics Hall of Fame. Currently Debbi resides in NYC, teaches ‘Surf and Turf’ fitness and can frequently be seen running around with her pet Yorkie, Rambo. She is also a spokesperson and model for Eviver.